Newick's Lobster House
431 Dover Pt. Rd. Dover, NH 603-742-3205

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Newick's Lobster House

A family owned and operated company

Our Story

Newick's Lobster House began on the bountiful shores of Great Bay in 1948. After World War II John Newick left the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard to strike out on his own as a lobsterman at Dover Point. Surplus lobsters were turned into lobster rolls and sold out the back kitchen window. A large following soon developed. Things were great until the state took the house to make room for the highway.

Locations came and went and the future was uncertain until Jon's son Jack retired from the Coast Guard to carry on the family tradition at a new spot on Dover Point. What started as a small take out stand quickly became a large and busy restaurant. All the while the core values of great food, great service, and a comfortable atmosphere never waivered. Locations have come and gone but our tradition at Dover Point still Stands.

Today, after three generations, the tradition continues. With legendary classics, like the lobster roll unchanged since 1948, and new modern classics, like the Fish Tacos, there is something for everyone. Thank you for choosing Newick's Lobster House.

The Newick Family